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Data Recovery

The most important component of your computer is the data you worked on. Let us help get it back.

Data Recovery

What to do when you lose data on your phone or computer:

Turn it off

Whether it's an iPhone that fell into the pool or a laptop that has coffee inside it, turn it off. The more you use a device, the more damage you can cause.

Don't try opening it

The parts on modern technology are so small and sensitive, you risk further damage by opening your broken device.

Call us

Unlike your savings account, time is not on your side. Call us as soon as possible for a greater chance of recovery.

Keep it out of the freezer

Some data recovery experts will tell you to put a broken hard drive in the freezer. Don't do it. It can only cause more damage.

Careful of recovery software

Do not use data recovery software if the hard drive is making unusual noises.

Dry a soaked phone

Dry the outside of the phone as quickly as possible. If the back of the case opens, as do with many Android phones, dry the inside using a hair dryer.

We also specialize in data backup solutions

Your data is important. When we set up a data backup plan, we look at how often data is backed up, where it is backed up to, and how often the backups are tested. Backups should be seamless and transparent for you and your computer.

backup infograph

Accessible?Is your data available when you need it?

Let us help you make your backups easy. Often, we simply give up and rewrite our documents because backups are a pain to recover - but they don't have to be. Let us show you how to have a successful backup system.


The Cloud.Make your backups accessible - anywhere.

Working from Las Vegas and need to get to the original version of a client contract? ScrollUp will set up your backups and data in such a way where you can get to your data from any location with internet.


Data Organization and Management.Let us set up redundant servers keeping your data available.

Often, our data and servers mushroom over time. Let us help you streamline your network storage and backups.